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Mr. Sabu Francis is a multi-faceted architect from India. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur, 1984. (first in final year class, first in thesis, first in viva-voce) He won the special award for research in architecture for his theories on a useful mathematical representation of architecture. His office (SFA) has designed and executed several important projects in and around Navi Mumbai, India. It was one of the main commisioned architects of Konkan Railway Corporation. His office used to be like an informal training school and became the spring board for several other important architecture firms. Architects Soyuz Talib, Kavita Parwani Talib, Zubin Zainuddin, Hardik Pandit and others started their careers at SFA. Quite a few students have also undergone internship at SFA (SFA = Sabu Francis & Associates)

He has been one of the forerunners of concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) He developed one of the first BIM applications; the only one that respects spaces first -- using the aforementioned maths. This software has been in continuous use since 1989 and was used in practically every project at SFA. Mr. Sabu has an in-depth knowledge of both the bricks 'n mortar architecture as well as architecting Information technology solutions. A useful crossover that leads to a lot of insights in many different aspects of work and life

He founded Syncspace Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2014; a company that is taking the concept of space and put that into use in a wide variety of ..hmmm... places. Apart for his knowledge on architecture and its practice, he is versatile in the arts too: An amateur musician, composer, painter, writer and sculptor. He is also a sought after speaker on Design Thinking, Management Information Systems, Motivation, Behavioural change, Information Technology (especially in the AEC industry -- BIM), Architecture, Teaching and youth issues.

Though he continues to be intimately connected with architectural theory and its teaching and practice, he currently does not directly provide conventional architectural services -- excepting on a case to case basis. Some of the offerings are now being handled by Syncspace. Having said that, this site does offer a few unique services. Please see links below for details. He is also available as a speaker, and for workshops. Check his calendar and use the form at the end. The charges for each assignment would be decided on a case-to-case basis, and the payment link would be sent by email to the interested parties

The web pages from the erstwhile architectural practice of Sabu Francis & Associates can be found here for historical interest


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