Problems never arrive in cleanly demarcated compartments. They can no longer be handled just using conventional architectural design or graphic design or software or whatever. The need of today is a design approach that solves the problems of the holistic ground reality

Our eighteen years of experience; as designers with skills and knowledge in several domains, has provided solutions as demanded by the complex, holistic world out there

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When we had convinced Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) that they required a computer software and not a building (an office building for their control station); they listened. They also saved a huge amount of money. Note that where it was relevant, we did provide conventional architectural services to Konkan Railway E.g. The KRCL headquarters and staff colony

We have set up a portal for synchronizing all the knowledge coming from several areas for upgrading 140 health centres at Uttar Pradesh (India); though we were only to render architectural design services to the consortium undertaking the project. Yet nobody has complained that we are obsessed with technology

We are now using a similar portal for managing the Missionaries of Charity project coming up at Kharghar as we need to coordinate with people located thousands of miles away

We wrote our own design software using Prolog (an AI language) for all our architectural designs. The result is that our buildings actually gets used by people when at the same time others lay empty in the hands of speculators. It was because our projects were made on time and as per budget and because it fits the complex needs of the day

When we predicted that there would be a real-estate market crash in India in around 2000, many did not listen. And when the crash actually happened, those who had refused to listen lost a lot of money

Even at our own office, we do not insist on artificial boundaries. We employ people just-in-time. So we can form teams just as they are needed without wasting our resources

In short, we design as per the needs of the real world

We are not ruled by domain boundaries. We have knowledge and skills in architectural, web design, graphic and software design. However, we do not claim that skills alone would provide solutions. It is the application of knowledge with the right kind of skills by the right set of people that would bring forth a holistic design

We believe that both knowledge and skills are needed for practicing good architecture. Sabu's last twenty four years of experience (Eighteen years with SFA itself and six outside) has given us both.

We provide services and products for the lay public as well as our colleagues who are seeking knowledge and skills to reach their objectives

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